Understanding CSS Position in 2 Minutes

TLDR; CSS Position Properties Cheat sheet


<h1>Hey yo </h1>
Static Positioned elements


<div>  <h1 style="position: relative; left: 50px;">Hey yo</h1>  <h1>Hellooo</h1></div>
Relative positioned


Absolute Positioned
<div>  <h1>Hey yo</h1>  <h1 style="position: absolute; top: 15px; left: 20px;">Hellooo</h1>  <h1>hehehe</h1></div>


Hellooo will stick to the screen.
<div style="height: 2000px;">  <h1>Hey yo</h1>  <h1 style="position: fixed; top: 15px; left: 20px;">Hellooo</h1>  <h1>hehehe</h1></div>


Sticky elements are positioned relative to their parent.
<div style="height: 150px; overflow-y: scroll;">  <h1>Hey yo</h1>  <h1 style="position: sticky; top: 15px; left: 20px;">Hellooo</h1>  <h1>hehehe</h1>  <h1>hohoho</h1>  <h1>hueuueue</h1></div>



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