Laravel Service Provider in Simple English

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Key Concepts

Services are not connected to our app instance by default

But how can we bind the Services into the Container?

  1. Using the bind() method from our $app instance.
    We can explicitly call the bind() method or singleton() method on the $app instance. Typically we would call these 2 methods in /bootstrap/app.php or /app/Http/Kernel.php or in AppServiceProvider .
  2. Using Service Provider
    Alternatively, we will create a Service Provider class and register our Service in there.

Okay here is how Service Provider works

But why can’t we just use the ‘new’ keyword to instantiate a class?

  1. Geolocation to retrieve the geocoordinates.
  2. Map to retrieve the information about a place.
  3. Satellite to communicate with GPS and pinpoint the exact location.
class Satellite {
// ...
}class Map{ // ...}class Geolocation{ public function __construct(Map $map, Satellite $satellite)
// ...
$map = new Map();
$satellite = new Satellite();
$geolocation = new Geolocation($map, $satellite);

Service Provider to the Rescue

The class structure of Service Provider:

The register() method

Declaring the definition of how Laravel should create the Service when resolved from the Service Container

The boot() method

Registering the Service Provider

Registering Service Provider
$geolocation = app(\App\Providers\GeolocationServiceProvider::class);
// ...




Web Development. . Follow me on Youtube:

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Sam Ngu

Sam Ngu

Web Development. . Follow me on Youtube:

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