HTTP vs HTTPS - When should I use HTTPS?

In general, it is a good idea to use HTTPS at all times. Why? It increases your visitors’ confidence on your brand, improves security / privacy and makes the internet a better place. You wouldn’t want your customer to see the “This site is not secure” warning right? That would scare your users away! 😱

Even if your webpage is 100% legitimate, this warning message will certainly scare your customers away!


Certificate Authority (CA) — An organisation that issue SSL certificates.


Let’s briefly take a look at HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). In simple terms, this fancy term is simply a way for computer to talk to each other. There are a lot of different ways for computers to communicate with one another, and HTTP is just one of them, just like how human can phone / text / email / yell at each other.

Self-signed warning vs CA-issued certificate

So when do I need a SSL certificate?

Technically you only need to worry about SSL certificates when your customer is entering sensitive data or privacy related matter. But a general rule of thumb is to always enable HTTPS. Why? Because your customers will feel safer when browsing your website and it also helps to improve your brand’s credibility.

Does that mean I’m safe from phishing attack as long as I see a SSL Cert?

Short answer: no.

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